With millions of Americans hitting the streets to get to work, school and play, many cities are facing increasingly heavy traffic, and many highways are getting clogged with cars.  Meanwhile the infrastructure--pavement, bridges and new and expanded roadway--suffer from lack of funding.  Attempts to fund high-speed rail have met with resistance from some states while others--notably California--have embraced the concept.  Amtrak continues to limp along from appropriation to appropriation.  Few new airports are being built with most federal funding going to maintenance and improved technology.


Related Legislation

HB 1297 Tolls

Tolls; use to fund other facility.  Prohibits tolls imposed for use of one transportation facility to be used in connection… more »

SB 657 Riding transportation district train with fraudulent ticket

Riding transportation district train with fraudulent ticket;penalty.  Provides a $750 minimum fine for the second offense… more »

SB 639 Transportation

Transportation construction, operation and maintenance, and funding.  Provides for the construction, maintenance, and… more »

SB 633 Bicycles

Bicycles helmets.  Makes the hitherto local-option bicycle helmet law applicable statewide. more »

SB 619 Commonwealth Tolling Assistance Program

Commonwealth Tolling Assistance Program.  Establishes a program that would allow low-income persons and full-time students… more »

SB 531 Northern Virginia Transportation District

Northern Virginia Transportation District; long-range planning.  Establishes responsibilities for various entities… more »
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Virginia (change)

Virginia was founded in 1607 in Jamestown. Since then, Virginia has grown and prospered into a thriving state rich with diversity from culture to climate.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Robert F. McDonnell
Lieutenant Governor: Bill Bolling
Attorney General: Ken Cuccinelli
Secretary of State: Janet Polarek