Some acts of government defy easy placement in broad categories like Crime and Environment and will be listed here.  They may be serious--a Congressional joint resolution honoring minority veterans of World War II--to legislators expressing support for good causes, like the Indiana House of Representatives designating Oct. 1, 2010, as Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.  Sometimes official proposals seem simply designed to relieve the stress of governance as when a New Mexico legislator introduced a bill requiring all custodians in the capitol building to be graduates of the University of New Mexico School of Law.


Related Legislation

HB 1053 Texting while driving

Texting while driving. Removes the "secondary enforcement" provision from the statute prohibiting sending or reading email… more »

HB 1035 Eminent domain

Eminent domain; lost profits and access.  Provides definitions for the terms "lost profits" and "lost access" and how… more »

SB 11 Self-settled spendthrift trusts; created.

Self-settled spendthrift trusts; creation of.  Provides for the creation of self-settled spendthrift trusts, which… more »

SB 9 Guardianship; restriction of visitation.

Guardianship; restriction of visitation.  Allows a guardian to restrict visitation of an incapacitated person, unless… more »

SB 8 Guardians; disposition of remains.

Guardians; disposition of remains.  Grants both public and private guardians authority to make arrangements for the… more »

SB 5 Claims; Kenneth and Leslie VanAuken.

Claims; Kenneth and Leslie VanAuken.  Provides relief in the amount of $6,476 to Kenneth and Leslie VanAuken, who incurred… more »
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Virginia (change)

Virginia was founded in 1607 in Jamestown. Since then, Virginia has grown and prospered into a thriving state rich with diversity from culture to climate.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Robert F. McDonnell
Lieutenant Governor: Bill Bolling
Attorney General: Ken Cuccinelli
Secretary of State: Janet Polarek